Frequently Asked Questions


What are "previouses"?
We call a "previous" any course material (exam, assignment, study notes, etc...) for a course from a past (or the current) semester.
"Previouses" is the plural form of previous.

Who can download previouses?
Only users who register with a university e-mail can download previouses.

Is downloading previouses FREE?
Yes, downloading previouses is free for university users!

What universities are supported on
Click here to check if your university e-mail is supported. If it's not, then you can suggest that we support your university.

Why should I register with my university e-mail?
Downloading previouses is free for university users, and they can contribute previouses and participate in activities.

I registered with an e-mail other than my university e-mail. Do I need to register again with my university e-mail?
Yes, you need to register again.

I accidently registered with the wrong e-mail. Can I take that nickname again?
Assuming the recipient of the wrong e-mail does not confirm your registration, the nickname will become available again after 24 hours. You can use any nickname for now, then wait 24 hours before changing your nickname in your Account Settings.

I was registered on Do I still need to register?
No. Simply login with your AUB e-mail ( and your password.

I forgot my password. How can I reset it?
Simply submit the Forgot Password form, and we will send you instructions on how to reset your password.